Frequently asked questions

Will GoCardless take a payment every week if I only want to pay for one class?
No, GoCardless is just an easy way to send payment. It will only take payment once for the class you pay for if it’s a SINGLE CLASS or a PACK OF 4.

If you agree to a MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP then it will be a reacurring monthly payment. Direct Debit is just a card payment.

GoCardless IS NOT a direct debit. It is a card payment, similar to PayPal. It saves your card details so that you don’t have to put them in every time you book onto a class.

It will ONLY take payment for what you are paying for at time of booking E.G. A single class payment will only be taken once at time of booking. It is only a monthly subscription if you sign up for a monthly membership.

Can I still pay cash even though bookings are online?
We don’t accept cash payments.

Will I be put into a 12-month contract if I join a membership?
There is no 12-month contract, you are however under our terms and conditions which require you to give 30 days’ notice if you wish to cancel your membership. If you cancel your membership you will be billed for the month after so please bare this in mind. All membership cancelations must be put in writing to info@lemonstemyoga.com

Standard terms and conditions apply to all classes.

What happens if I get injured and can’t get to class?
You are required to give 30 days minimum notice to come out of your agreement.

If you become badly injured, unfortunately you will not be able to continue with classes. As your membership term agreement is for 30 days minimum notice it will remain in place until the end of the next month. This includes all single class payments and block bookings as well as memberships.

What if I want to change my class booking?
This is possible to do as long as you are in the 24hrs margin. It is not possible to switch the class you booked after 24hrs and you will lose payment. The possibility to switch will also depend on the class availability. We recommend you try to move your class as early as possible through our online booking system. If you need to cancel your class please do not forget to do so through the booking system so that someone who may be on the waiting list can take your place. This applies to single sessions, class packs and memberships. Once you are out of the cancelation noticeyou will lose your payment. There are no carry overs under any circumstances.

Can I updrage my membership?
Yes, you can upgarde on the online booking system at any time.  Just click on upgrade.

How do I cancel my membership?
To cancel your membership we require a 30 day notice period. Please email us at info@lemonstemyoga.com Once cancelled we will let you know about any outstanding payments.


What happens to my membership when you are closed for the holidays?
Our memberships have been calculated over a four-week month. With this in mind, we also have months that contain 5 weeks, but we won’t charge you extra for the extra lessons that will be included.

The maximum time that we will be closed for across the year will be 4 weeks. There are more than four times that a month has extra classes included. In total this works out in your favour if you are on memberships packages.

Can Beginners only attend the beginner’s class?
No, beginners are welcome into our Hatha yoga and vinyasa classes which are all suitable for beginners. All classes can be modified and varied to suit the abilities of all.

Do I need to be flexible to practice yoga?
No, you don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga. Yoga is for all to enjoy!